Alien Slots Review And Reccomendation

There are a number of neat ways to make slots more interesting, the most exciting of which are covered in this Aliens slot review.

Aliens Movies

Themed games always seem to make for the most interesting ones. The theme of this particular activity is, unsurprisingly, the Aliens movie franchise. In addition to the neat science fiction-based browser including tons of small references to the franchise, this game comes filled with bonuses, levels, and even a boss for a truly interesting slots experience. If slots aren't your thing then visit our friends at cybercasinopoker for a selection of poker sites where games such as Texas Hold'em can be played for free. You'll be able to compete against real players in real time too, which makes for quite a lot of fun.

The Search and The Encounter

There are 3 bonus levels that can be unlocked through successful spin rounds. The first one, called The Search, is fairly straightforward - points are gathered and lost via successful and unsuccessful spins respectively. The player's progress is tracked through a bar that must be filled at the top of the screen. The next level, called The Encounter, carries over multipliers from the previous round. Here, players have to fight their way through an alien horde, being careful to conserve their ammunition, which they get from successful spins on ammunition symbols.

The Hive

In the last bonus level, The Hive (where multipliers are once again carried over), players are confronted with the alien queen in her hive, which can be destroyed through successful spins. The ammunition symbols are still around in this round, and deal bonus damage to the hive queen. Upon victory, the number of spins it took, as well as the remaining multipliers, carry over into winnings.

In Conclusion

In summary, this is an interesting way to play slots, and any Aliens Slot review should agree. NetEnt has created a game that is worth several hours of entertainment at the time, themed just right to reflect the nature and excitement of the franchise that fans and newcomers alike are bound to enjoy. This fantastic Alien slot is available in most Canadian online casinos and is a must-play for any fan of sci-fi games. If you are intrigued, try it now for free, by using no deposit free spins bonus, that can be found at