Closer look at the Eve Online Space Game

Eve Online is a game where you will be in a position to run quests in the morning, have a spaceship constructed for lunch and be in the pretence of an intergalactic Gordon Gecko in the evening. This is the kind of game where you come up with your own adventure. You start with a single ship without a single credit tied to it. It is upon you to decide on the journey to take upon and earn your way up the ladder.

This game was featured in the Daily Mail UK. In the game, you build a perfect spacecraft or a landscape only to destroy it. At Eve online, the largest space battle to ever take place destroyed $200, 000 which was worth of spacecraft. The game has been in the lime light for a while. It has its own economy and political system where a host of players are controlling and bringing down virtual vehicles which they played for with real money.

Sometime in January, the epic battle of B-R5RB which saw expensive ships being blown to smithereens and had taken weeks to build them. It was reported that more than 70 titans were destroyed including ships were each cost about $5500. This war was as a result of rent arrears which were not paid for the space station in an important area called B-R5RB which enabled rival CFC faction to steal the station. This sparked the war where both alliances unleashed their deadliest weapons and brought to action huge troops in the battle which saw people clicking furiously at their computers for 14hours. This must have been exhausting right?

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