Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront delivers good gaming experience. It has high quality graphics and sounds that bring to life Star Wars movie feel. But although it has a familiar premise based on the franchise, this video game has its own merits. Star Wars: Battlefront strikes this balance so you will end up liking it despite some shortcomings.

The game is available on Xbox, PC and Playstation. It is a pleasant, intuitive and multiplayer-focused game. Even if it is team-based, single players can enjoy this game too, but it may be too easy that solo players may not find it exciting enough to play longer.

Star Wars: Battlefront offers two modes - historical campaign and galactic conquest. In the historical campaign, a player does not have a choice as to which side to fight for. Galactic conquest is a bit different because players can choose factions. The ultimate goal here is to attack all planets.

The game uses bots or AI. Unfortunately, the bots appear incompetent and counterproductive in single play. The multiplayer AI, however adds the feel of being in a full scale battle, especially when you happen to go against a large group of bots controlled by an actual person. Despite AI weaknesses in the single play, it adds value to multiplayer game by giving the feel of real clashes between two large armies headed by real people. Star Wars: Battlefront definitely feels like war.

The multi-player battles emphasize the importace of teamwork. While some levels involve straightforward shooting actions, the game focuses firsthand on huge vehicular clashes and the only way to win would be to cooperate and coordinate with other forces.

However, the game gets to a point where it seems too scripted. Players are left with very limited options. So in several instances success is largely determined by following a very exact plan. There are exceptions, of course. The Bespin Platform, for instance, shows diversity and allows players to address the situation in varied ways.

Battlefront works great on PlayStation2 and Xbox. With regard to control, you can choose to disable or enable auto-aim. For a PC game, the mouse presents some control issues since players can get to the smallest detail and destroy almost anything right away that the game gets too simplistic and frustrating. In terms of graphics, the PC version presents the cleanest graphics.

Overall, Star Wars: Battlefront delivers satisfying team-based shooter experience that many Star Wars fans would definitely enjoy.