Who hasn't been fascinated by the stars above? In fact, this is just where the roots of all gaming began when Atari revealed the Space Invaders arcade game. While most of these faded away over the years as consoles took over the gaming world with 3D graphics, some space arcade games have managed to hold on to the glory of yesteryears to deliver some amazing space themed slots. Space games have even found their way into the online gambling universe. A number of slot titles have been launched over the years to capitalize on this fascination with outer space. If this is a world that interests you, try the real free games at your Ontario online casino.

Free Space 2 Open

This is one of the more popular titles available today. Much of its popularity was gained when it ran open source in 2002 and fans were given the ability to tinker with updates and build it gradually. The tweaks worked wonders on it.

The Ur-Quan Masters

This one has managed to generate a cult following ever since its inception in 1992. What gave it a much needed boost, however, was provided when it went open source in 2002. This space game is a little different than others as it allows you to meet with other species in the galaxy and visit other worlds. This, however, does not meet that you have to forego on the intergalactic combat. In fact, you can even have 2 player intergalactic battles. Craving for the ultimate intergalactic war experience? Use the $77 free cash bonus provided by top rated casino sites, and play free the best interstellar slots games.

Vega Strike

While this one borrows heavily from older ones such as Wing Commander and Elite, it does manage to hold its own among all the other space themed games available today. Players are tasked with different missions to earn money which can be used to upgrade your ship and get new vehicles. Once you have gained the coveted jump drive, you will have the ability to boost to the corners of the galaxy and do some exploration yourself. You can try this iconic game for free at Bodog casino by using the casino no deposit bonus, which will give you free spins when you register.


While this one is much closer to a simulation, rather than a game, it is worth speeding a few hours on. This flight simulator makes use of real life and fictional spacecraft placed in realistic situations with laws of physics.

You get to launch from the Kennedy Space Center while adhering to the Newtonian Laws of Physics. In fact, you can download additional spacecraft to explore the entire solar system before you can reenter the atmosphere and try to land.

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