Lego Star Wars Video Game - A Blast From The Past!

For those of you that fell in love with the Star Wars movie trilogy, how many of you every actually played the Lego Star Wars video game, were you even aware that there was such a game that was created in 2005, that may well be tucked away in a Playstation library somewhere?

When you get involved with some of these older video games that have been around for a while, it really takes you back to a by gone era. In this case it conjures up the feelings and emotions that you had the very first time you took your seat in the cinema, not knowing what to expect or what was going to be around the corner. With the Lego Star Wars video game, you also have the movie's stirring orchestral main theme on hand to enable you relive the moments too, let's face it, the game wouldn't be complete without it would it?

As we go through from The Phantom Menace moving through into Attack Of The Clones and key segments from Revenge Of The Sith, it's enjoyable watching quite a lot of humour tied in to some of our most favourite highlighted moments. We are not presented with the same old footage that we have seen a zillion times over, the Lego Star Wars game concentrates on lots of classic scenes, and recreates them with Legos adding humorous twists along the way.

You will have the cast of characters such as Theepio, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker, running into things, falling over building blocks, making faces and the likes, the kind of slapstick comedy you might expect from the Marx Brothers or Three Stooges. There is plenty of action on hand along with puzzles for the player to unravel, all whilst captivating the Trilogy magic moments at the same time. Hey, we may be adults but what the heck, who cares what the neighbours think about how we spend our free time. Let's have some fun!