Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Video Game Review

One of the most action packed Star Wars video game is the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The game is developed by LucasArts and it has been hyped to the next level not only because of the licence given to the title and story, but also with the technology used in improving the gaming experience. With this, it will make the players feel excited and feel euphoria of thrill as the play it.

The narrative of the video game is between the Episode III and Episode IV and it has a closer timeline with A New Hope segment rather than the Revenge of the Sith. Because of this long span of narrative, justice is served to the gameplay and decisions of the characters. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed gives the players to live up the name of the game since for example, when you push an opponent away from, he will not just fall over since he will fly. Also, you may toss opponents, making the strong force evident. One of the best characters that you can play is the secret apprentice of Vader that comes with Force Push and Grip, but in the near end of the game, he will become more powerful than that. When you achieve the power, you can kill an enemy with one woosh of the lightsaber, electrify two opponents at the same time, slice three enemies at the same time while having the Force power bar fills faster than the usual. Another feature that can be seen in the game is that for every nemesis you kill, your character will get experience points and this will increase your level of fighting. These experience points are important since it will give you rewards and time to upgrade, use combos and increase health and other abilities.

Each level in the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be awarded with Jedi Holocrons that will give you a package of bonus and generous experience points. The good thing about these Holocrons is that they are not only gathered during level-ups since you can find them along the game. The good thing about having these level-ups is that you may customize the strength and skills you want to improve. For example, the gamer may invest with light saber damage or health sustainability making the play a little bit customized to every player's need.